Dear friends

Friday 12th April 09:45 

Gina in White

w/c Sunday April 14th 2024

    Acts 3 v12-19

Just before this reading, Peter and John have healed a destitute person who could not walk.
The change in the man is so profound that he enters the Temple walking, leaping and praising God.
He has been given new life; he has been transformed.
It draws a crowd and so Peter speaks to them. This passage has often been taken out of context in a way that is seriously misleading. Peter is not distancing himself from the people he addresses – he calls them “brothers and sisters, fellow Israelites”.
His message is not one of God condemning them, but rather, as Peter says in the verses following the reading, that God wants to bring “times of refreshing “and forgiveness.

We often conflate Holy Week and Easter and come up with one week and think that’s the time when we remember how new life springs from death.
But for the church, whilst we celebrate Easter on one day, the wonderful news is that it goes on and on.
Whenever we turn to God, we know His forgiveness, we can be refreshed.

Easier has brought about a change in everything because life has conquered death, because Jesus is risen.
Whatever we go through, whether on the global, local, personal scale, we live in Easter time.
Yes, there will be difficulties, yes things can be hard, scary, challenging, but our faith tells us it is still Easter.

Easter doesn’t end on Bank Holiday Monday.
The story Peter tells the crowd is one of a resurrection hope that is with us each and every day. It is still Easter! 


  1. Coffee in the car park on Sat Apr 14th from 10am. In the church room if wet.

This week’s Diary

Sat Apr 13th                             Coffee in the car park at St Petroc’s from 10am

Sun Apr 14th                            St Petroc’s Holy Communion at 9.30am

                                                St Mary’s Morning Worship at 11.15am

                                                St Lukes APCM 12pm

Wed Apr 17th                         St Petroc’s Morning Prayer at 8.30am

Thought for the week at 10am by zoom and telephone

St Mary’s Funeral at 2pm (Fogden)

Fri Apr 19th                             Morning Prayer at 9am by zoom and telephone

                                                Ministry Team meeting at 12pm

                                                St Petroc’s interment at 1.30pm

                                                MC CWs meeting at 3pm

Sat Apr 20th                             Baptism St Lukes at 1pm

Sun Apr 21st                           St Petroc’s BCP  Holy Communion at 8.00am

                                                St Petroc’s Morning Worship at 9.30am

                                                Littlehempston APCM 12pm

                                          Staverton APCM at 6.30pm


In our prayers this week we pray:

  • For our Mission Community, for Gina our Team Rector, Laura our Team Curate and especially the parishes of St John the Baptist Littlehempston, and St Mary Rattery
  • For those people who live and work to the south of Exeter Road in Corn Park, Brakefield, Crowder Park, “The Greens”, Fairfield and the homes around them
  • For those people who live and work around Brownston, Torne, Bulkamore and Colston Road areas of Rattery
  • For all the varied activities that take place in the “Rec” in S. Brent, and the social areas of central Rattery
  • For our work with young people and families, for Family Services, SPARX, PUFFS
  • For the outreach of the Bridge Project.

Collect for the week

Almighty Father,
who in your great mercy gladdened the disciples
with the sight of the risen Lord:
give us such knowledge of his presence with us,
that we may be strengthened and sustained by his risen life
and serve you continually in righteousness and truth;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

 Know you are in my heart and in my prayers.

Rev Gina

Reminder – The Church Electoral Roll is being updated
If you wish to join the Roll or make changes to your current entry.
Please complete one of the forms at the back of the Church


 Know you are in my heart and in my prayers.
Rev Gina

Friday 7th October 2022


SHARE FOOD    –     Save waste


Have you ever wondered what to do with that spare food?

The South Brent Community Fridge has finally arrived and is installed at the entrance to the Old School Community Centre in the centre of the village.
It will open on Tuesday 18th October and will be open 24 hours a day.

Surplus and end of line food is collected by volunteers from supermarkets and local businesses who would otherwise be disposing of it, and put in the community fridge for anyone to come and take what they wish.

If you have spare food yourself, if you are going on holiday or have extra vegetables in your allotment, you can also put it in the fridge to share.
The guidelines of what food is safe to share are posted by the fridge, and the fridge will be checked daily by a dedicated team of volunteers.

It’s a win-win situation for the environment and the people of South Brent as we move into a winter when many ordinary people will be feeling the pinch.
Please use it!!!

If you would like to volunteer to help the community fridge please contact . In particular we are looking for a back up for the coordinator, Their role will be, when the main coordinator is away, to

– liaise with the driver and fridge monitor coordinators who are responsible for the day to day running of the fridge, and work with them to resolve any issues that come up

– Be responsible for the maintenance of the room where the fridge is (in collaboration with the old school Community Centre)

– Act as liaison with outside organizations.