Devotional songs

Devotional songs

  • All that I am by David Haas – words based on the Magnificat- a song in praise of God’s mindfulness of a human being.
    All that I am by David Haas
  • A gentle reminder to give thanks to God. Give thanks Song-writer Henry Smith; setting Don Moen     

    Give Thanks ( With A Grateful Heart )

  • In times of recreation or rest in nature shut your eyes and just soak in the sound and words of this John Rutter setting of A Gaelic Blessing, sung by Libera.
    Gaelic Blessing – Deep peace to you

    Libera – Gaelic Blessing (Deep Peace)

  • A meditative version of the Good Friday classic hymn – When I survey the wondrous cross, sung by Katharyn Scott: Here
  • Be thou my vision sung by  Audrey Assad. A beautiful rendition of this age-old hymn of adoration as Winter melts into Spring. HERE

  • The Summons ‘Will you come and follow me?’ a song of challenge to follow Christ Jesus in serving others.
    HEREWritten by John Bell of the Iona Community, and sung by Robert Kochis.
  • Like clay in the potter’s hands, we are being formed. Jesus, you are changing me by Marilyn Baker. The video images really are worth watching as you listen and ponder. HERE
  • O the deep, deep love of Jesus sung by Audrey Assad. A moment to rest back in your boat as you float on the vast ocean of God’s love. Here
  • Amazing Grace sung by Libera – A song of wonder at God’s grace. Here 
  • New every morning by Audrey Assad is good to play when you wake up and you can take that theme with you through the day. Here 
  •  In these times where many fear for the present and the future it may be good to listen to You are mine by David Haas. Here 
  •  These alone are enough for me by Dan Shutte is a song you may like to play when you wish to place your daily life into God’s hands. Here