Week 2

    • For our Mission Community, Bishops Robert, Jackie and James, Archdeacon Douglas, Gina our Team Vicar and Laura our Team Curate and especially the parishes of St John the Baptist Littlehempston, and St Mary Rattery
    • For those people who live and work to the south of Exeter Road in Corn Park, Brakefield, Crowder Park, “The Greens”, Fairfield and the homes around them
    • For those people who live and work around Brownston, Torne, Bulkamore and Colston Road areas of Rattery
    • For all the varied activities that take place in the “Rec” in S. Brent, and the social areas of central Rattery
    For the outreach of the Youth Bus. (see https://Ivybridge.yfc.co.uk/pray-with-us for Youth Bus support; also see Prayer For Wider Community – Youth For Christ – for more general information). For our work with young people and families, for Family Services, SPARX, PUFFS