Week 4

  • For our Mission Community, Bishops Robert, Jackie and James, Archdeacon Douglas, Gina our Team Vicar, PCCs, retired Ministers, LLMs (Licensed Lay Ministers), Church Wardens and all who support them in their work.
  • For those people who live and work along Hillside, Harwell Lane, Harbourneford and Stidston and those living within our parish to the south of the A38 and for those people who live in Aish, Didworthy, Shipley, Zeal, Lutton and in the farms and small communities that border the moor
  • For those people who live and work around Bidwell, Hood, Velwell, Parklands and Yelland
  • For all the activities that take place in Rattery and South Brent Village Hall
  • For the businesses, traders and services that help to keep the villages so vibrant.